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Adventures while painting

I've had all sorts of experiences as I paint.  Some are spectacular.  Some are a scary. Some are funny. 
Some are just plain weird....

You may click on any of these images to see them in a larger format.

Painting on the French Broad River, Asheville, NC


This Bald Eagle was just yards in front of me.  I just stood in awe, and watched the splendor of it all.


Glad to see him go.

He was just under the bridge.
You stay there.  I'll stay here.

Just slithered away.  All 7 ft of him.
Looking for a meal.

I didn't even notice him at first.
Very creepy!

Alligator Jake.
He's a Bull Gator at about 15 ft long

Another gator came out of nowhere. 
They hide in the grass. Still creepy!



Bok Tower squirrel

Racoon at FtDesoto State Park

Wood Stork waiting for lunch

An old farm dog came to see what I was up to.

These cows appeared out of nowhere

There was a baby in the nest.

I think this is an Ibis

Colorado Bunny

This giant pink pig came up right beside me.

She was adorable

I've never seen an armadillo up this close

These tall  Sandhill Cranes sing in unison. They are a noisy bunch.

My friend Bettina was terrified of the horse.
He was just curious.

Another curious horse

He stepped on a few paintings, and rattled a few nerves. It was hilarous.

A baby bird...lost I think


That day, it was a  cold and rainy challenge

My Southern friend Ann
Looks like a Winslow Homer painting

Jan at Kissimmee

Maija, guest artist, at Cypress Gardens

Some sights are not so pretty...

Libby Tolley at the Apple Orchard

They  floated a dock, and began to party...

Elaine taking reference shots

Storm of the Century-Vero Beach

Take a close look at his face.  very interesting

My paint group-Asheville, NC-2006

They don't seem very clever



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