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   IMPRESSIONISTIC PAINTING with a contemporary feel is a good way to describe my style of work. 

My interest in painting landscapes comes from the sheer beauty of my surroundings.  I have a real love for my environment.  I am a “tree hugger”. I started painting professionally in 1979.  When I paint, my biggest challenge is to satisfy myself.   

Back in my studio, I use my PleinAir paintings as a starting point for larger studio work.  These larger paintings are also influenced by memories of a place I have been, or an experience I have had.  Through my paintings, I hope I can share this experience.  


Original Oil Paintings
These larger paintings are painted in the studio.

Tuesday Morning on the Kissimmee
 oil on linen board 12 x 12"
Zipper's Canal 2
  canvas 48 x 24"  

Zipper's Canal 1
canvas 48 x 24"  
After the Summer Rains
 canvas 36 x 48"
Wild Flowers
canvas 36 x 48"
Low Country
 canvas 36 x 48"  
Peace River - 2
 oil on linen board 12 x 12" 
Summer Sun
  canvas 36 x 48"  
A Road to Somewhere Fun
 oil on linen board 30" x 30"

Morning Glow
 oil on linen board 12 x 12" 
  Pond View
 oil on linen board 12 x 12" 

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